Client Testimonials

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I worked with Vanessa through her Manifestation Coaching program and I cannot believe the changes and personal growth I have experienced in that time. I have learned the value and power of Meditation and Manifestation and have experienced it’s “magic” in my own life

The tips and techniques Vanessa provided allowed me to grow exponentially and we had so many clarity “aha” moments together.

With all of Vanessa’s entrepreneurial experience she has given me invaluable knowledge and guidance to help me establish and work on launching my own business.Vanessa is also really in tune with her Spirituality, which provides a unique aspect to her coaching.

I cannot recommend Vanessa enough! If you are ready to witness and experience the power of internal growth in your own life, Vanessa is the one to guide you through it all. 

Sarah Cole
Origin Smoothie Bar

Vanessa’s Manifesting Desires program has been insightful, inspiring, and motivational. I’ve improved my mindset for overall happiness and acceptance of myself and past situations that have troubled me.

Her Manifestation Coaching program helped me understand where I have limited myself and I am in a much happier place after using the tools Vanessa taught us. I am very grateful for this gift of positive thinking. This program was exactly what I needed at the right time. Thank you, Vanessa!

Michelle Sykes

I truly enjoyed my Spiritual Manifestation Coaching sessions with Vanessa! Each one was tailored to my needs and focused on situations, thoughts, and emotions that I was currently working through. Vanessa has such a kind, gentle, and calming presence which really made me feel comfortable talking to her and trusting her.

I highly recommend her personal coaching program because it brought me to a higher level of self awareness and has allowed me to grow and learn about myself.

Allison Thompson
Priority Chiropractor 

I had the pleasure of connecting with Vanessa through her 21 Day Manifestation Challenge first and then was drawn to Vanessa because of her gentle and respectful interaction with me and others in her program. Vanessa has a powerful presence which shines through online as a Manifestation Coach. 

During our 1:1 coaching, I felt heard, validated, and appreciated the wise guidance she offered me. I came away with practical solutions that matched my needs and where I was energetically. I highly recommend Vanessa as an intuitive and spiritual coach and mentor. 

Joan Ridsdel
Food Freedom and Body Image Coach

Vanessa has been very instrumental in my healing journey over the last 8 years. With her guidance and ability to hold space for me, I can go deeper into my soul and release all that is necessary so that I’m able to connect on a much deeper level with the animals I work with.

Vanessa is a kind and compassionate facilitator of growth and inner healing. 

Paula Crane
The Dogz Lodge

I worked with Vanessa for seven sessions and in that short time I have seen tremendous results. I have become more confident, I have a clearer vision and direction on what I’m working on and most of all I have opened up Spiritually to my true self. 

I now use all the energy tools Vanessa taught me to work through my “negative” thought patterns and to cherish all I do have in this world. My perception has shifted and I am seeing things from a more centered place and feel whole.

If you are ready to get honest with yourself and work through your blockages, I highly recommend Vanessa’s Spiritual Manifestation Coaching! Her approach is direct yet gentle and from a place of non-judgment; a place of wanting you to grow and move forward on your journey. 

SB Coach

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